About AGRIMEKO Co. Ltd.


AGRIMEKO CO. LTD. has very good connections with local producers of agricultural products likes tapioca starch, starch residues for feeds, and especially dried food stuffs from rice, such as rice paper wrappers, rice noodles, rice sticks….  , and spices. Our office is located in Hoc Mon District, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. We put quality and prestige in our top priority by choosing high quality products from the beginning and abiding by a strict standard (from purchasing to storage). So far, our main markets include Middle East, Europe, America, and Asia with a very stable supply chain.

Our key products are products from rice (rice paper wrappers, rice vermicelli, rice noodles….), tapioca starch, tapioca residues, and some other agricultural products with high quality at a very reasonable price.



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